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‘be my friend’ i whisper as i continue to reblog yet another post from you

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The Skeleton War

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Android OC desperately tries to get sick. Android OC breaks out the plastic wrap and sits in cold bathwater during his owner’s 9-to-5.

I’m so down with the robot excitement on here. I don’t even care. I don’t even care. I don’t even care.

this is so important


Dear past self,

When u cut off ur hair mom wont be that mad and you dont have to run away.

Ben (that’s you)

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へたりあついろぐ+α 3 by 薄香

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People from Balkans will understand…Brace yourselves, winter is coming :D


Deva Gold, the subsidiary of Canadian company Eldorado Gold, illegally started the construction work for the development of the Certej mine in Hunedoara county, Romania, without having acquired any of the needed permits from the appropriate institutions, says Mining Watch Romania. (via ri)

  • “The Mining Watch Romania network denounces the total lack of vigilance of both regional and national authorities. One of the largest gold mining projects in Romania, subject to Eldorado’s plans, began its first phase. The concerned authorities took absolutely no notice whatsoever of the construction works undertaken. Deva Gold’s impudent action to start the Certej mine is only surpassed by Romanian institutions’ failure to spot and sanction these illegal acts,” reads Mining Watch’s statement.
  • Large-scale machines are currently working in the Coranda open pit area. Bulldozers and excavators level the terrain and prepare the platforms that will have different functions within the mining project, while at the entrance in the Certej village, a storage shed is already built and another metal structure is being assembled. None of these facilities has any construction permits, according to Mining Watch.
  • “On October 15, Mining Watch Romania notified the State Inspectorate for Construction to take legal measures and asked for the immediate cease of works,” reads the statement.

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